Oxymap is an Icelandic company whose flagship product is the Oxymap T1 – a solution for non-invasive ocular measurements. The company produces novel imaging products and services targeted towards eye-care professionals and clinical researchers to further the understanding of common eye diseases.

A team of researchers established Oxymap in Reykjavik in 2002. Their efforts lead to the creation of the Oxymap T1 add-on for a fundus camera, which allows for non-invasive retinal oxygen saturation and vessel-width measurements. The device and accompanying software provide user-friendly access to metabolic and structural information with a single image. Customers at many international institutions are currently relying on the Oxymap T1 for their investigations.

The Oxymap development team places a high value on customer feedback as it continually improves the device and software. The bulk of product assembly is carried out by specialised contractors and the final validation performed in-house. Installation, training and customer support for the Oxymap T1 are carried out by experienced employees. An ISO 13485-based quality management process guides the constant improvement of the device, software and customer experience.